Transforming Outdoor Spaces into Masterpieces

Expert craftsmanship to enhance your home’s exterior.

With extensive experience, Outdoor Hardscape specializes in creating beautiful, durable outdoor living spaces tailored to each client’s needs. From design to installation, our team ensures every detail is perfect.

Our mission is to enhance outdoor living spaces with creativity and precision, ensuring every project reflects our commitment to quality.

Our Services

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to commercial developers.

Patio Design & Installation

Transform your outdoor living space with our custom patio designs. We offer tailored solutions using a variety of materials including pavers, flagstone, and concrete to create a durable and attractive area that enhances your home and lifestyle.

Walkways and Paths

Create inviting access throughout your property with our custom-designed walkways and paths. Whether you prefer a rustic gravel path or an elegant stone walkway, our designs ensure safe, beautiful, and functional passage through your outdoor spaces.

Retaining Walls

Our retaining wall solutions not only prevent soil erosion and manage your landscape’s topography but also add aesthetic appeal to your property. Built with precision, these walls can be constructed from stones, blocks, or poured concrete, complementing any landscape style.

Outdoor Kitchens

Extend your home’s entertainment area with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Perfect for gatherings, our outdoor kitchens are designed to include all essentials such as grills, countertops, and storage, all built with weather-resistant materials for year-round enjoyment.

Fire Pits

Add warmth and ambiance to your backyard with a custom-built fire pit. Ideal for cool evenings, our fire pits are designed for safety and can be crafted from a variety of materials to match your outdoor décor, creating a perfect gathering spot for friends and family.

French Drain

Solve your property’s drainage issues with a professionally installed French drain. This system effectively redirects water away from your foundation and landscape, preventing water damage and ensuring your grounds remain dry and usable even during heavy rains.


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